Vargas and Gulling's Cream Base

The book Cordials From Your Kitchen by Pattie Vargas and Rich Gulling is a veritable treasure-trove of cream liqueurs.  Cream liqueur recipes are fairly rare in the homemade-liqueur world, not least because of the care you need to take in storing them, so Vargas and Gulling's work is especially commendable.  At the core of each of their cream liqueurs is a cream base, which becomes an ingredient in the other liqueurs.  To save space in the individual liqueurs, here is the recipe for the cream stock they use.

Cream Base (yield approx. 1qt)

Mix all ingredients together.  Keep refrigerated.

* Potassium sorbate will help stabilize the liqueur.  It is available where wine-making supplies are sold or through mail-order catalogs.  Dissolve potassium sorbate in heated Simple Syrup before mixing it with other ingredients.

Simple Syrup

Boil sugar and water together until sugar has completely dissolved.  Don't simmer or boil for long periods.  Let cool before mixing with liqueurs.

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