ARTIST: Joni Mitchell
TITLE: Free Man in Paris
Lyrics and Chords

The way I see it he said, you just can't win it
Everybody's in it for their own gain, you can't please 'em all
There's always somebody calling you down
I do my best and I do good business
There's a lot of people asking for my time
They're tryin' to get ahead
They're tryin' to be a good friend of mine

/ A - D - / C - G / F / A - D - / C - / G F / A - - - /

I was a free man in Paris
I felt unfettered and alive
There was nobody callin' me up for favors 
And no ones future to decide
You know I'd go back there tomorrow 
But for the work I've taken on
Stokin' the star maker machinery behind the popular song

/ F - / G C / Asus4 D / A - / 1st, 2nd / Asus4 D A - /

I deal in dreamers and telephone screamers
Lately I wonder what I do it for, if I had my way
I'd just walk through those doors, and wander
Down the Champs Elysees
Going cafe to cabaret, thinking how I'd feel when I find
That very good friend of mine


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