ARTIST: Bob Kanefsky
TITLE: Give Me a Martian Rover
Lyrics and Chords

[To the tune of "Ramblin' Rover" by Andy Stewart]

Oh, there's astronauts aplenty, and launches barely twenty
They'll wait out the 1990's, and may never get off the ground
But give me a Martian rover - just send a hundred over
And with Option, Shift, and Clover, I will tele-explore around

/ DA D DG D / G D A G / 1st / G D A D /

There's eager anticipation of weightless copulation
It's become a preoccupation for which many a pair rehearse
But call me a doubting Thomas; hold on to your pajamas
For a trip to the Bahamas would be easier on the purse


There's many who planned on swimmin' with naked Martian women
In canals they believed were brimmin' for their steamy romantic spree
They must feel a mite embarrassed: we found no Martian heiress
But there's Valles Marineris; that's romantic enough for me


I have roamed throughout the planets - you wonder how I can
It's that wherever the robots land it's just a matter of tuning in
You may think a spacesuit better, but I feel so much wetter
With a sea of molten lead or liquid methane against me skin


E.V.A. gets acrophobic, your room is claustrophobic
All the food is anaerobic, and you're finding it's hard to take
Though your job is on the station and mine's teleoperation
I may find some consolation having lunch at my mountain lake


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