TITLE: Hard Sun
Lyrics and Chords

[Into the Wild]

As recorded by Eddie Vedder
[Capo 1]

Intro: / Dsus4D D / / / /

When I walk beside her, I am the better man
When I look to leave her, I always stagger back again

/ D - C - / G - D - /

Once I built an ivory tower so I could worship from above
When I climbed down to be set free, she took me in again

There's a big, a big hard sun
Beatin' on the big people in the big hard world

/ D - Am - / G - D - /

When she comes to greet me she is mercy at my feet
When I see her bitter charm, she just throws it back at me

Once I dug an early grave to find a better land
She just smiled and laughed at me and took her wounds back again

{Refrain twice}

When I go to cross that river, she is comfort by my side
When I try to understand she just opens up her hands

{Verse as instrumental}


Once I stood to lose her when I saw what I had done
Bowed down and threw away the hours of her garden and her sun

So I tried to warn her, I turned to see her weep
Forty days and forty nights and it's still coming down on me

{Refrain, repeat to fade}

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