ARTIST: Judy Small
TITLE: If I Ever Sing a Love Song
Lyrics and Chords

If I ever sing a love song you can know that it's for you
Although it might not mention names or the times that we've been through
It might be the kind of tune anyone can sing along
But you'll know it's for you, if I ever sing a love song

/ G D C Em / C G C D / 1st / C D G - /

It won't be the kind of song to say love love me do
It won't say I'll fall apart if you find somebody new
It will speak of honesty, of wonders and hard times
For happy ever after lives are only true in pantomimes

/ C D Bm Em / C D G B7 / C D Em - / C D Bm CD /


It won't speak of forever, well nothing's guaranteed
It won't say that you are mine, or that I'm all you need
But it will speak of caring, and of comfort in your arms
Delighting in your company and feeling safe and warm


It's rare for me to sing of love
I guess it's not my style
But sometimes I want to sing out loud
How you make my spirit smile

/ Bb - / G - / Bb - / C D - - /


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