ARTIST: Gunther Anderson
TITLE: If I Only Had a Job
Lyrics and Chords

I could lounge around the office
Expoundin' what I profess
Becomin' quite a snob
I could be young and healthy
Not to mention rather wealthy
If I only had a job

/ D - G - / D - - - / G - A - / DG D - - /

I could have a secr'tary
So cute, young and unmarried
To solve all of my probs
I could have her do my workin'
While I lie around a-shirkin'
If I only had a job

Oh, I could tell you where
Martinis are so fair
Get your work done without even bein' there
And how to earn
More than your share

/ G - F#m - / Em A D - / Em A Bm - / E7 - A7 - /

I could climb the corporate ladder
Discuss important matters
Never dressin' like a slob
No, I would dress my be-est
Put a gold watch on my ve-est
If I only had a job

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