ARTIST: Dave Carter
TITLE: I Go Like the Raven
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 2]

Woodpecker woman, chip away, whittle
Carve my name in a hick'ry fiddle
Dance all night, dream just a little
I go like the raven

/ Am - - - / G - - - / Am C G C / G Em Am - / 

Down in the meadow, deep in the holler
Bullfrog sing to the bug-eyed crawler
Slide to the rake, hop to the caller
Reel with the willow wavin'

Shine the merlin moonbeam eye
Set my dancin' feet to fly
O'er the dark and dervish sky
I go like the raven

/ Bb F C G / Em F - E / Bb F C G / - Em Am - / 

Long time ago I had me a feller
Three-cocked hat and a coat o' yeller
Locked me down in a sawdust cellar
Fed me beans and bacon

Through the doorway he did enter
Played him coy, played him tender
Played him slumber through the winter
Gone when the birds awakened


When they hear my bowstrings tightnin'
Angels gay, devils frightnin'
C'mon fire and midnight lightnin'
To the garden gancy

Hail the wayward werewolf howlin'
Haints and shades and goblins growlin'
Fiends and demon deevs a-prowlin'
When I break and fancy


Now all you blackbirds, plain or pretty
Hear my words for rede or witty
Keep the greenwood, shun the city
And her dandies craven

/ Am - - - / G - - - / Am C G - - - / G Em Am - - - /

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