ARTIST: The Eagles
TITLE: In the City
Lyrics and Chords

Somewhere out on that horizon
Out beyond the neon lights
I know there must be something better
But there's nowhere else in sight

/ EA D - - A E - - / / / EA D - E - A - - / 

It's survival in the city
When you live from day to day
City streets don't have much pity
When you're down that's where you'll stay

In the city, oh, oh
In the city, oh, oh

/ D - - - E - - - D - - - / A - - - / 1st /

I was born here in the city
With my back against the wall
Nothing grows, and life ain't very pretty
No one's there to catch you when you fall

Somewhere out on the horizon
Far away from the neon sky
I know there must be something better
And I can't stay another night


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