ARTIST: Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe
TITLE: I Remember It Well
Lyrics and Chords


[ Gdim7 = xx2323; Ebdim7 = xx1212; Capo 3 ]

We met at nine
     We met at eight
I was on time
     No, you were late
Ah yes! I remember it well

/ C / Cmaj7 / C6 / C / - Gdim7 G7 - /

We dined with friends
     We dined alone
A tenor sang
     A baritone
Ah yes! I remember it well

/ Dm7 / G7 / Dm7 / G7 / Dm7 G7 C - /

That dazzling April moon
     There was none that night
     And the month was June
That's right! That's right!
     It warms my heart to know that 
     You remember still the way you do
Ah yes! I remember it well

/ F F6 / Fm - / C A7 / Dm G7 / C CC7 / F F6 / C G7 C - /

How often I've thought of that Friday (Monday) night
When we had our last rendezvous
And somehow I've foolishly wondered 
If you might by some chance be thinking of it too?

/ Cm G7 Ebdim7 G7 / Cm D7 G - / Ebm Bb7 Ebdim7 G / 
   / Am D7 Dm7 G7 /

That carriage ride
     You walked me home
You lost a glove
     I lost a comb
Ah yes! I remember it well

That brilliant sky
     We had some rain
Those Russian songs
     From sunny Spain?
Ah yes! I remember it well

You wore a gown of gold
     I was all in blue
Am I getting old?
     Oh no! Not you!
     How strong you were, how young and gay
     A prince of love in every way
Ah yes! I remember it well

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