ARTIST: Mark Charlap and Carolyn Leigh
TITLE: I've Gotta Crow
Lyrics and Chords

[Peter Pan]

[ C#dim7 = xx2323 ]

Conceited?  Not me
It's just that I am what I am
And I'm me
When I look at myself and I see in myself
All the wonderful things that I see
If I'm pleased with myself
I have every good reason to be!

/ Dm7 - G - / Dm7 G C Dm7 / C - - - / 
   / C - Am - / Em - - - / B7 - C - / D7 - G7 - / 

I've got to crow (crow)
I'm just the cleverest feller 'twas ever
My fortune to know (crow)
I taught a trick to my shadow to stick
To the tip of my toe
I've got to crow! (crow)

/ C - - B7C / C - Em A7 / Dm7 - Dm C#dim7 /
   / Dm Dm/maj7 Dm7 Em7 F D9 G9 - / C Am7 Dm7 - /

I've got to brag (crow)
I think it's neat I've got fingers and feet
I can wiggle and wag (crow)
I can climb trees and play tag with the breeze
In the meadows below
I've got to crow!

... / C G7 C - /

If I were a very ordinary everyday thing
I'd never be heard cock-a-doodling 'round like a bird

/ Fm7 Bb7 Ebmaj7 Eb6 Fm7 Bb7 D7 G / 
   / Am7 D7 Gmaj7 G6 Am7 D7 Dm7 - G7sus4 - Dm7 G7 /

So naturally (crow) 
When I discover the cleverness of
A remarkable me (crow)
How can I hide it when deep down inside it just tickles me so
That I've got to let go
And crow! (crow)

... / Dm Dm/maj7 Dm7 Em7 F D9 - D7 / G7 - - C Am G7 C /

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