ARTIST: Judy Small
TITLE: Ivy Says

Ivy says she has no time for love
And I know just what she means
For time is what it takes to build a dream that's worth the while
And Ivy says the cost's not worth the gain
I know that feeling well
The pain of love can feel as though all hell has come alive
Oh but Ivy's never seen the candles shining in your eyes
No cost can be too great for such a prize

Ivy says there's far too much to lose
And I think I understand
For sometimes just a simple touch of hands can take my all
And Ivy says she'd rather keep control
She keeps herself contained
And leaves before the storms of love can shake her castle wall
Oh but Ivy never knows the calm that follows every storm
It's worth the rain to come into the warm

Oh and when I look at you I know just what I have to lose
And I'm glad I don't stand in Ivy's shoes
Ivy says she has no time for love

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