ARTIST: Harry Chapin
TITLE: I Wanna Learn a Love Song
Lyrics and Chords

I come fresh from the street, fast on my feet
Kinda lean and lazy [crass and corny]
Not much meat on my bones, and a whole lot alone
And more than a little bit crazy [horny]

/ Am7 D7 / CAm7 G / :

The old six-string was all I had
To keep my belly still
And for each full hour lesson I gave
I got a crisp ten dollar bill

/ Dm7 C / Am7 Em / Am7 D7 / CAm7 G /

She was married for seven years
To a concrete castle king
She said she wanted to learn to play the guitar
And to hear her children sing

So I'd show up about once a week
In my faded tight-legged jeans
With a backlog full of hobo stories
And dilapidated dreams

She said, I want to learn a love song
Full of happy things
She said, I want to learn a love song
Won't you let me hear you sing
She said, I, I want to learn a love song
I want to hear you play
She said, I, I want to learn a love song
Before you go away

/ G - / Am7 - / D - / C G / 1st, 2nd, 3rd / CAm7 G /

So I tried to teach her a couple of chords
And an easy melody
But it always turned out she'd rather listen
To my guitar and me

I could hear her old man laughin' in the den
Playin' stud poker with the boys
While I sang so soft in the living room
Too scared to make much noise

I came one week, and the den was dark
And she met me at the door
And we sat on the couch, and we sang and talked
'Til I could not sing no more

The silence kept on buildin'
Her eyes grew much too wide
And I could hear both of our heartbeats
But there was no place to hide


Well, I guess you know what happened
God, I, I never been so clean
Yes, I feel like I'm workin' in a Hollywood movie
Or livin' out a good bad dream

And all them pin-up girls in that tinsel world
Never touched me like she can
It took another man's wife in the real world life
To make this boy a man


I guess you know I stayed

/ CAm7 G /

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