ARTIST: Shawn Mullins
TITLE: Light You Up
Lyrics and Chords

I just want to light you up
Light you up like a fire
I just want to turn you on
Turn you on and take you higher
/ Em - B7 - / - - Em - / :
_ Everybody wants a flat screen _
_ Everybody wanna be seen _
Everybody wanna be famous _
_ Ain't nobody gonna blame us _
_ Everybody wants a real deal
Everybody wants to cop a good feel _
Everybody want more money _
Everybody wants a taste of your honey
/ Em - / B7 - / / Em - / :
Everybody wants to pick at your guitar _
Everybody wanna ride in your fast car _
Everybody wants a puff of your pipe dream _
Everybody wanna lick of your ice cream _
The preacher wanna tell you how to live right _
Your mama and daddy got you uptight _
Your lover gonna go and pick another fight - 
I just wanna keep you up all night
{As refrain}
Yeah this old world can bring you down
And turn your smile into a frown
Break your heart and make you sad
Drive you stark raving mad
{Refrain twice}

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