ARTIST: Sinéad Lohan
TITLE: No Mermaid
Lyrics and Chords

We went down to the edge of the water
You were afraid to go in
You said there might be sharks out there in the ocean
And I said I'm only going for a swim

/ F - - - / G - - - / Bb - - - / F - - - /

I was swimming around in a circle
I wasn't always in view
You said we might get into red flag danger
And I am alone when I'm not with you

I am no mermaid, I am no mermaid
And I am no fisherman's slave
I am no mermaid, I am no mermaid
I keep my head above the waves

/ Bb - - - / F - - - / :

We were swinging from the center of the ceiling
You were afraid to give in
I said I know I'll always live for this feeling
You closed your eyes, you said never again

We were dancing in the middle of the desert
You said we'll burn under the hot sun
I said I'd rather be the color of pleasure
Than watch like you from under the thumb


{Repeat verse 1 and 2}

{Refrain twice}

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