ARTIST: Eddie From Ohio
TITLE: Old Dominion
Lyrics and Chords

[Capo 4]

You think you'll find some mountains in western Colorado 
Fifty weeks of snowy peaks is where you're gonna be 
But babe the Rocky Mountains are gradually eroding 
The hills of Coors are nothing more than Blue Ridge wannabes 

/ C G Am Em / EmD GC D Em / 1st / EmD GC D G /

A turkey on its belly, a chicken on its back 
Anyway you look at it you'll find her on the map 
She revels in the seasons, shakes hands with the north 
Hugs the land of Dixie while dancing on the porch 

/ G - C G / G - D - / C G Am Em / G - Am D / 

You think autumns in New England are the greatest of them all 
But give me sweet Virginia for the fireworks of Fall 
The prettiest October, in all the 50 states 
Just drive up to the skyline, park the car and wait 

/ " / " / " / G - D G /

{Lead to Refrain}
So grow up Colorado
Excuse me, Tennessee 
If you don't mind, North Caroline
Here's where I want to be 

/ C - G - / / C - G Em / Am - D - /

When you're talking home, you mean the Old Dominion 
Just southeast of Heaven to the surf and the hills 
She's the best of 13 sisters and 37 more 
Sweet, sweet Virginia always keeps an open door 

/ G - C G / G - D Em / C G Am Em / EmD GC GD G / 

They're fiddlin' down in Galax, pickin' up in Floyd 
And in the land of Patsy Cline, there're songs you can't avoid 
When you're walkin' after midnight, I'll fall to pieces, too 
I'm crazy back in baby's arms with sweet dreams of you 

They're sailin' down in Norfolk, and skiing up in Bryce 
Climbin' up the Devils Stairs against Ranger's advice 
They're harvesting in Loudoun to Shenandoah winds 
And in the land near Washington, they're rootin' for the Skins 
        Fight for Old DC

... / G D G - /

{Lead In, Refrain}

Pack up your Impala, and make your move out west 
Past the Blue Ridge Mountains, you'll find you passed the best 
And when your dreams have ended where mountains are concerned 
Me and Sweet Virginia will await for your return 

/ F G F G / F G D C / :

{Refrain twice}

Sweet, sweet Virginia always keeps an open door 
Sweet, sweet Virginia always keeps an open door 
Sweet, sweet Virginia always keeps an open door 

/ EmD GC GD G / EmD GC GD D / G B7 Em C G D C G /

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