ARTIST: REO Speedwagon
TITLE: Riding the Storm Out
Lyrics and Chords

Riding the storm out
Waiting for the thaw out
On a full moon night in the 
Rocky Mountain winter
My wine bottle's low
Watching for the snow
I've been thinking about what 
I've been missing in the city

/ Am Bm C Bm / / / / / / / Am - - - / 

And I'm not missing a thing
Watching the full moon crossing the range
Riding the storm out (4x)

/ D - Am - / / F G Am AmG / / / F G Am - / 

My lady's beside me
She's there to guide me
She says that alone we've finally
Found our home
The wind outside is frightening
But it's kinder than the lightning life in the city
It's a hard life to live
But it gives back what you give


{Repeat first verse, refrain}

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