ARTIST: "Doc Pablo" Cohn
TITLE: Roadkill on the Infobahn
Lyrics and Chords

[To the tune of Barrett's Privateers, by Stan Rogers]

Oh the year was 1995
How I wish I had a T-1 line!
When a memo came down and the boss said "Get
This company up on the Internet"

/ C - G C / - F C G~ / C G C - / - - G F /

God damn them all, I was told
The software would be "plug and go"
Put in the disk, and turned it on...
Now it's a smoking mess and I can't log on
I'm roadkill on the infobahn

/ G C - F / C F C F / G C G F~ / C F C F / - - G C /

Boss said the code was set to run
How I wish I had a T-1 line!
'Cept a few routines that I'd have to hack
In FORTRAN on our Univac


The 1108 was a sickening sight / How I wish...
It had vacuum tubes and a punch card bin
And when you turned it on it made the lights go dim


I looked at the code that we'd been sold / How I wish...
It took 86 meg and a CD drive
And it ran on Windows 95


I found a path through ftp / How I wish...
But our modem ran at point-three K
And to download the file took us two whole days


At last I got the code compiled / How I wish...
But the screen went blank when I hit return
The mainframe caught fire and began to burn


So here I sit as a sysadmin / How I wish...
I've seen more pain than a man deserves
And the boss just called up CompuServe...


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