ARTIST: Max C. Friedman and Jimmy DeKnight
TITLE: Rock Around the Clock
Lyrics and Chords

[As recorded by Bill Haley and the Comets]

One, two, three o' clock , four o' clock, rock
Five, six, seven o' clock, eight o' clock, rock
Nine, ten, eleven o' clock, twelve o' clock, rock
We're gonna rock around the clock tonight

/ E7 - / / / B7 - /

Put your glad rags on and join me, hon'
We'll have some fun when the clock strikes one

/ E - / E7 - /

We're gonna rock around the clock tonight
We're gonna rock, rock, rock, 'til broad daylight
We're gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

/ A7 - / E - / B7 A7 E - /

When the clock strikes two, and three, and four
If the band slows down we'll yell for more


When the chimes ring five, and six, and seven
We'll be rockin' up in seventh heav'n


When it's eight, nine, ten, eleven too
I'll be going strong and so will you


When the clock strikes twelve we'll cool off then
Start a-rockin' round the clock again


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