ARTIST: Tom Petty
TITLE: Runnin' Down a Dream
Lyrics and Chords

It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down
I had the radio on, I was drivin'
Trees went by, me and Del were singin'
Little Runaway, I was flyin'

/ E - - - / D - E - / : 

Yeah, runnin' down a dream
That never would come to me
Workin' on a mystery
Goin' wherever it leads
Runnin' down a dream

/ DG E / EG A / DG E / EG A / DG E /

I felt so good, like anything was possible
Hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes
The last three days, the rain was unstoppable
It was always cold, no sunshine


I rolled on as the sky grew dark
I put the pedal down to make some time
There's something good waitin' down this road
I'm pickin' up whatever is mine

{Refrain twice}

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