ARTIST: Borodin, Forrest and Wright
TITLE: Sands of Time
Lyrics and Chords


[ Gdim7 = xx2323 ; Fm6 = xx0111 ]

Princes come, princes go
An hour of pomp and show they know
Princes come
And over the sands, and over the sands of time they go

/ Am G / Gdim7 F - / E Gm6 / DmFm6 Am - - - / 

Wise men come, ever promising
The riddle of life to know
Wise men come
Ah, but over the sands the silent sands of time they go

/ F - / - C / F6 / F - E - - - / 

Lovers come, lovers go
And all that there is to know
Lovers know
Only lovers know

/ A E / Gdim7 D / C#m / Bm7Dm6 A - /

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