ARTIST: Mike Roberts
TITLE: The Murderous Toy
Lyrics and Chords

[To the tune of the Marvelous Toy by Tom Paxton]

When I was just a wee little lad, my Daddy brought to me
A toy he made down at the lab; it filled me full of glee!
A wonder to behold it was, with many buttons bright
From the moment that I turned it on, it filled us all with fright

/ D A7 D A7 / G D E7 A7 / D A7 D G / G D AD A7 /

It went ZAP! when it fired; it cursed when it missed
And whirred as it took aim
It didn't know if we were friend or foe
It attacked us just the same

/ D A7 / D G / G D / A7 D /

Curiosity killed the cat, and the dog was next to go
The parakeet beat a fast retreat, as the wall began to glow
A turret turned, some bullets fired, and the TV was no more
My friends, you should have seen it as the napalm hit the floor


It broke each window down the hall, and then I heard it laugh
I must admit, I chuckled when it cut my brother in half
My sister made it to the stairs, when it caught her in the pants
My daddy had the shotgun out but he never stood a chance


It fired two mortars at the wall, and when the smoke had cleared
I looked all around for my murderous toy, but it had disappeared
Then I saw it leave through watered eyes; the tear-gas smelled so sweet
Things weren't too good for the neighborhood, as it ambled down the street


Well that's the last I ever saw of my murderous little toy
It might be dead but I hope it's not, 'cause it filled me full of joy
They say it reached the Bering Strait, and crossed the icy floes
The Russian Army ain't killed it yet, but it keeps them on their toes


Well, the years have gone too quickly now, and I've my own little boy
And just last night I told him 'bout my murderous little toy
I recognized his crafty look, I could almost read his mind
My son has grown up like his dad, 'cause he wants one just like mine


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