ARTIST: Fred Eaglesmith
TITLE: Wilder than Her
Lyrics and Chords

Well I'm wilder than her, and what else can I say
But I guess that's why she fell in love with me
She's a house on fire, she's got all those charms
I'm a house on fire, too, but I got four alarms

/ G - D - / C - G D / G - D - / C - G D / 

And I'm wilder than her, and it drives her out of her mind 
I guess she thought that she was just one of a kind
But she's a summer storm, and I'm a hurricane
One just blows through town, one blows the town away
And I'm wilder than her

... / G Gsus4 G Gsus4 / 

When we go drivin' in our cars, racing through the night
She can drive as fast as me but she stops at all the lights
She says it's 'cause I'm crazy and she's probably right
But I think that the reason is that I'm twice as wild


But when she takes my hand and she looks me in the eye
I see something that I've never seen in my life
She takes the fire and turns it down low
She takes the night and makes it not so cold
She takes the distance and breaks it into miles
She makes my life just a little less wild

/ C - G G7 / C - G D / G - D - / C - G D / G - D - / C - G D / 


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